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I need a strong advanced contact me spell asap
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Talk about any and all Magick Spells you think would be suited to an intermediate practitioner of Spell Craft.
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TOPIC: I need a strong advanced contact me spell asap
I need a strong advanced contact me spell asap 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0
Before I begin some of my background:I am a more advanced practicer of magic of magic, and am experienced with the art of spirit work(in fact it is my strong suite).
Ok so here is the deal. I really to form a friendship with this person I am starting to form more and more of an acquaintanceship with. The problem is that he is very busy and travels a lot because of his profession and lives far so he doesn't always reply to my messages all the time. Because of this I feel kind of intimidated and haven't messaged him lately and stopped sending him my music I was correlating with him with. I feel maybe I am being a pain, but my spirit guides encourage me to have a relationship with him, but I want him to message me every once in a while because I feel I may be a pest and I may be getting on his nerves but he is too kind to say that.
I need a strong spell, preferably one that does not require a lot of materials that have to be store bought because I do not have any money. Times are hard for me and my family right now. Things that can be commonly found outside will work. I have things like paper, markers, thread. Any common household items would be ok as well.
I am just trying to think outside the box a little bit. I really need this to work. I really feel a strong connection and this is something that I do not want to lose.He is such a big inspiration to me in every single way. I have never meet anyone who I have so much in common with and I connect with so much, I feel a spiritual attachment and I want to be his friend for a long time. It is like someone took all the positive qualities about myself and amplified them and put them into a person. I feel like we can really benefit from each-other. I have had several visions of him, some that have come true already, and dream about him a lot, so I feel even more attached to him. I do not want to do and my spirit guides have tried to help me to the best of their ability! Please give me all your best spells and advice as soon as possible; I assure you it will be greatly appreciated!
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