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TEACHING: Energy Sensing 102
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This is the place to give and receive lessons from our wonderful magic teachers.
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TOPIC: TEACHING: Energy Sensing 102
TEACHING: Energy Sensing 102 7 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 21
With energy manipulation will is what is used to direct the energies. Belief is what will allow the energies to flow so you don't stop the energies from doing what you want them to do. I will first start with a few techniques to sense energies then go into the basics of energy usage.


Technique #1
Extend your hands in front of you and rub them together this will help to stimulate the chakras that are in the palms of your hands. Place your hands an inch apart and feel the energies that are there. Repeat this a few times.
With your writing hand stick out your thumb with a loose fist, now place your non writing hand open. Move the thumb of your writing hand over the palm of your non writing hand with about an inch between your two hands. Use your writing hand to draw circles around the palm of your hand. Next bring your thumb up your arm to your wrist and then back down to your finger tips. Try and spend a few minutes each day and before you start working your magic doing this. As you do this it is important to do your best to sense what your palms and the rest of the area are feeling like.

Technique #2
Start all of your sensing technique as fallows rub your hands together then separate them about an inch and feel if you have opened your palm chakras to begin work. Now take one of the items I have mentioned about move your hand about the item you are using and feel what your palm chakras feel like, do not touch the item leave about an inch between your hands and the item. You may add to this list of items what ever you want to sense, the more verity of items the more different energies you will be able to feel. This will come in handy if you want to use crystals to enhance your magic since some items have different innate properties to them
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Re: TEACHING: Energy Sensing 102 4 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 0
I have practiced this in many ways an something I found to be most interesting was to light a fire and focus on its heat that it is giving of feel it on your face and in your body as a light meditation soon you may realize that your body is somewhat divided /your face warm with the heat and your back side cool /atmospheric energy/natures energy / if you change your focus to the natures energy after a short while you may realize there are more then one forms of energy there, that is where you must cast out your senses to see what else it is your sensing the outcome may surprise you/..................
A word of cation though If you try to focus on the fire with an unclear mind or unsure intentions you may end up scrying with it which tends to be strong vision of for/or hindsight but very unclear leaving your mind constantly pondering what you have seen /or a connection that is hard to break I have also used the same method as a form of astral projection using the fire /while wild and hard to control a strong energy source as a base point of return to you body This was my most educational experience out of my endeavors a method that i still successfully practice.
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