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Win a Legal Battle Spell

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Created by Robin Stone,
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Spell Description

This spell has been used traditionally to assure victory in court cases.

Spell Ingredients

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Mystic Spell Craft
Review by Sage , Saturday, 28 July 2012 vote imagevote imagevote imagevote image
This spell is a sure winner in my books.
I used this spell for my friend who battled against Air Canada for running his life,marriage, financial living and created more serious health problems after his accident on the job yet he was an employee treated poorly & the company tried to buy him off to keep his mouth shut from talking, fighting back all the legal problems Air Canada has done to him & many others as well. My friend did win his case against Air Canada. My secret was that the salt & vinegar paste was prepared & charged with energy. I had a mini jar that had an Air Canada sticker on the jar which was perfect for giving Air Canada back the punishment it deserves.
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