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Money Spells

Money Spells are typically just spells to increase one's fortune but adjusted to bring wealth rather than luck. You should always be wary of anyone willing to cast money spells as they are invariably trying to scam you. Anyone with the power to consistently cast spells increasing their own money situation would not be asking for money on the internet. However, there are some people who will say that only 1 money spell can be cast on a person, telling them that you have already tried a money spell will invariably make them change their tune.

Created by Spell Finder
This is a powerful spell to be used when you are looking for a job.
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Created by Spell Finder
This spell will help you to seek and scry. It can also be used for money and wealth.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell will help you to draw money towards you.
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Created by RobertLewis
To attract money, follow these directions.
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