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All Summoning Spells

A lot is said about the Magick of Summoning. However, there is no more danger in summoning a spirit as there is in crossing the street. As long as you do your research and know what you're summoning then you will be fine. Obviously, there are cases where Black Magick Spells are used to summon spirts and demons far beyond the abilities of the individual spellcaster. A good practice in Spirit Summoning Spells is to call what is known as a "Gatekeeper Spirit". These benevolent spirits will do the summoning for you and will allow you to have an extra layer of seperation. Whatever you decide to do, practice caution in all things. Spellcraft is no different.

Created by Phara0h
This is real non bullshit magic, you will summon wind if your concentration is throughout your whole body.
recipe image
Created by FinSummon
This is a simple spell for beginners to summon a Spirit(s).
Created by Alice Marceline
Hello, I have been interested in summoning and I just found this so please, contact me for results.
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Created by joeytheman2342
uses shadows to attack target. useful for duels
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Created by The Magi
Create an energy watcher to gather info for you.
Created by Dragonsheart
this spell will summon Bahamut the most powerful of all dragons.
Created by flux12343
A Guardian Angel is a lifetime companion that will keep a lookout over your life. They will keep you safe from misfortune, and steer you towards opportunities and success. Cast this spell regularly to keep your Guardian Angel on task
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Created by Travman02
Summon a group of assasins
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Created by ragemage
summon an elemental that is combined of all the elements into one pure being.
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Created by nelliel
This spell allows a demon and/or familiar to enter one\'s body in order to create internal peace or bonds. Typically used when favoring a certain demon to summon.
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