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A lot is said about the Magick of Summoning. However, there is no more danger in summoning a spirit as there is in crossing the street. As long as you do your research and know what you're summoning then you will be fine. Obviously, there are cases where Black Magick Spells are used to summon spirts and demons far beyond the abilities of the individual spellcaster. A good practice in Spirit Summoning Spells is to call what is known as a "Gatekeeper Spirit". These benevolent spirits will do the summoning for you and will allow you to have an extra layer of seperation. Whatever you decide to do, practice caution in all things. Spellcraft is no different.

Created by oORainstormOo
A Spell to summon a dragon
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Created by oORainstormOo
Please take this seriously.If you don\'t bad things may happen. Fairies are wonderful beings and don\'t forgive if you call upon them for a stupid reasons! Or you can just chat
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Created by atlanticcanada!
This spell is useful in the woods, in case you need a companion
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Created by Pillar0fCreation
for some who believe in many gods and goddesses please ask your self why would they answer my prayer or spell I\'m just one in one million, and tell your self this why not call on the immortal elements they are much more abundant than gods. So try that instead.
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Created by Brage
This spell calls upon a firedrake or firedragon to breathe power into the worthy. This magical power will have the greatest effect if you are high ranked within the circle of dragons.
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Created by redsnowdoll
Gaze at it for a few moments. Relax. Now recite this charm while gazing into the flame: \"Firey Spirits of action and change, Burn away my lazy ways, Light my will with your strong flames, Oh Firey Spirits of action and change.\" Close your eyes and visualize the flame before you. Take a slow, deep breaths while visualizing a stream of fire come from the candle flame and into your lungs. Breathe this firey energy in, see it expanding throughout your body, burning away all blocks and unhealthy energy. Take two more slow, deep breaths and visualize the same thing. After you have done that, recite the charm again: \"Firey Spirits of action and change, Burn away my lazy ways, Light my will with your strong flames, Oh Firey Spirits of action and change.\" Now visualize the actual candle flame floating toward you and entering into your stomach. See it burning there and then it expands to become a ball of fire. Say the charm once more: \"Firey Spirits of action and change, Burn away my lazy ways, Light my will with your strong flames, Oh Firey Spirits of action and change.\"
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Created by Devsjonny
Bring spirits for your own personal army
Created by shadowsxelite
DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO! Spend your life looking for your inner truth. Make the world a better place. Don\'t bring down your own world.
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Created by Edge0Distruction
Ghirideso is a thousand year old Storm spirit able to create powerful storms for his summoner! Warning: Only those who are lvl 10 and Above Ascendians are allowed to Summon him! the cause of death while summoning him will not be my fault!!! If Ghirideso doesn\'t kneel it\'s best to pray that he doesn\'t kill you cause spirit\'s like Ghirideso Eat Human souls
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Created by Edge0Distruction
Ascendians are very powerful warriors As amazing as their powers is also their Looks! Ascendians deal with magical, Spiritual and Physical abilities. They are mostly Consist of men with a Specific Symbol In English are Called The Marks of the Moon For Example the Given is The Busarunga Mark Meaning The Mark of Energy these marks are only obtained by young Ascendians that are at age of 12 when their Celestial Alignments are one once more.
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