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All Love Spells

Love Spells are a popular topic but they are also misunderstood and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. It is very important that care is taken with these spells.

Although at a simple level an attraction spell and a crush spell may appear similar, both give different results and have different side effects.

Remember to never overlay love spells on top of other spells. The results can vary but are never good. If the need arises where you find yourself having to rid yourself of this spell, make sure you go about it carefully.

Created by oORainstormOo
A Love Charm
recipe image
Created by black_wolf_willy
Make sure it is night,then draw a circle on the ground with chalk and then another circle arround it. draw a pantagram in the inner circle and place on each outer point of the pantagram between the circles pink candle. then write between the circles between the candles Omnia vincit amor. then fill a bowl with water and place it in the middle of the pentagram and say the charm: o dea amoris exaudi orantes meam impleat vota. i forte maluerit meam impleat unda, volo ut hic implere aquam convertit in amorem.then drop the hibiscus leaves the water and start to charm the second part: dea amoris vocationem meam audiunt, da mihi, qui me exspectat. qui diligit me da mihi perpetua, o dea amoris exaudi commodo voco. ostende mihi verus, ostendat faciem eius in me amoris pressent aqua tibi. repeat the second part three times and then look in the bowl, the face of your trough love should now be seen in the reflection of the water.
Created by Caldidon
If you attempt this spell and you wanna say something about it. Please write a review and rate.
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Created by kali
this spell has to be repeated every month its very efective brings beauty money and love its a powerful lime spell
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Created by RobertLewis
To awaken desire in your intended beloved.
Created by Raidha
This is a very powerful love spell, you should think well before doing it. It tames and sweetens and will make the one you love come back to you.
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