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All Health Spells

Health Spells are a much maligned topic as you are dealing with people's health. Any little error can be disastrous in magick when the stakes are so high. Thankfully most of the health spells here are rather mild. However, care should still be taken.

Health spells can be categorised into two main categories, white magick and black magick, posive and negative. Magick that gives healing and that which takes it away.

It is important to remember that black magick will normally follow the most powerful person. So you shoudl always think before you cast spells at other people.

Remember to undo your spells rather than cast another spell to end the previous one. Overlaying spells is generally a bad idea, especially for spellcraft beginners.

Created by Robin Stone
The Poppet can be used for healing purposes in fact that is probably its primary use.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
You could perform this spell and send the magick to your mom or, alternatively, she could try it for herself.
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Created by Robin Stone
This is a great method to make a powerful health powder
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell has been traditionally used to promote good health and well-being.
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Created by Robin Stone
A short guide on how to use sage for healing spells
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will allow you to draw upon healing energies whilst you sleep.
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Created by Robin Stone
This is a great spell using snow to represent someone you wish to heal.
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Created by Silverstream
this spell is used to heal major injuries
Created by oORainstormOo
Heal yourself or another person.
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Created by kelsey34`
To Preserve Your Youth!
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