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All Fortune Spells

Fortune Spells have many uses and are generally remarkably easy to cast. Happily most fotune spells are white magic spells although fortune can be gained through black magick.

Fortune can apply to a great many things as shown by the number of spell categories below.

There is a small risk of these spells going wrong and the benefits usually outweigh any potential costs so these spells are recommended for beginners.

Created by Spell Finder
This spell will help you to seek and scry. It can also be used for money and wealth.
recipe image
Created by Spell Finder
This spell will help give a child good fortune.
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Created by Spell Finder
This handshake can be used to implant an idea into someone else's head.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell can help you to achieve good grades on your exams.
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Created by Spell Finder
This spell can help you to get what it is you dream about.
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Created by ajiesh
Use this only to get a material and not living thing,Use this cautiously. when u summon powers of nature make sure you dont take it for granted .That means do this only if you are really in need . I did for a laptop and i got it on the 4th day .Do it with the pain and heavy ness of the heart .
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Created by shadowsxelite
Helps obtain what you want.
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