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All Banishing Spells

Even wiccans and magic workers that are careful only to use the most positive of spells can still find themselves in a bad spot with negative energy. This can be strictly energetic, such as unusual negative feelings, or it can show as money problems, a bad roommate, unexpected legal issues, or unwanted spirits. Banishing spells are one of the best ways to encourage this energy to become positive or to leave the situation.

Created by shadowsxelite
A spell to banish a ghost
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Created by shadowsxelite
This is a powerful spell that can be used to drive away evil spirits.
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Created by shadowsxelite
get rid of a spook specter or ghost
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Created by shadowsxelite
This is another powerful spell which calls upon the power of angels to clear a space of evil spirits.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This is a brew that can be used to aid an exorcism.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This is a very old traditional spell to protect against evil spirits.
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Created by demuriel
this make a invisible wall that not allow bad spirits or feelings enter on a place by some minutes .
Created by shadowsxelite
to get a couple part
Created by RobertLewis
This is used to cause people to vacate the premises and is rather easy. Take a broom...the traditional witch\'s broom works best, but a straight push broom or plastic broom works too. Stand it up in the corner of the room unobtrusively. If need be, stand it up in closet of the area you wish to vacate. Good for banishing unwanted guests at parties, but will also work with those you want to leave. Very easy to do, set your intention while standing the broom up
Created by blueeyes1971
Most herbs can be pulverized either in a pestle and mortar, a coffee grinder or in a blender to make various powders for specific purposes. In an emergency you can also use commercially dried spices and blend them yourself. The following powder is designed to get rid of pests, both human and otherwise. It has a slightly oriental feel to it.
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