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All Advanced Spells

These spells are for advanced practitioners only. You should be well versed in spellcraft, wicca or at least had a few successful spells in your time.

Most spells will have little effect if cast incorrectly. However,a large portion of the spells listed here could have dire consequences if they are cast badly.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not to cast the spell then it is probably best that you don't. Do not attempt to cover up errors in magickal spells by casting another spell, be it white magick or balck magic.

Created by Ellen
to catch smoke from a candle to a small lantern
Created by Dragonsheart
this spell will summon Bahamut the most powerful of all dragons.
Created by EnigmaticOpheliac
Remind you that this spell requires a lot of belief and
recipe image
Created by Elijah98
Im not completly sure if this works, i found it on spellsofmagic.com and i just wanted to share it with you guys. So ya i chanted it but more of a whisper cause im suppose to be sleeping right now so it might not work, im a begginner \'-\'
Created by Travman02
Summon a group of assasins
recipe image
Created by nelliel
This spell allows a demon and/or familiar to enter one\'s body in order to create internal peace or bonds. Typically used when favoring a certain demon to summon.
recipe image
Created by F0770W3RofD3AT4
This is more or less like creating a potion, but do not under any circumstances ever drink this solution, for it will kill you. This demon you are making will be your very own it will be like a familiar but you have to give it constant attention, if you don\'t the imp will return to it\'s basic form and you would have to recreate the potion.
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