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All Advanced Spells

These spells are for advanced practitioners only. You should be well versed in spellcraft, wicca or at least had a few successful spells in your time.

Most spells will have little effect if cast incorrectly. However,a large portion of the spells listed here could have dire consequences if they are cast badly.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not to cast the spell then it is probably best that you don't. Do not attempt to cover up errors in magickal spells by casting another spell, be it white magick or balck magic.

Created by bloodmoon
This spell is only used to bring bad karma upon someone that REALLY deserves it.
Created by brookymacD
this is a spell that you can use to stop time while you fix something you broke do something you have always wanted to do or just have your peace for a couple hourse hahaha or.............years
Created by Acoda
A very difficult art to master, levitation, the ability to hover in midair is a power many have sought. I, Acoda invented a method to achieve it. The spell is very difficult and can take months or even years to master. Please do not attempt this as a first spell.
Created by kali
makes it from a sunny day to a rainy day to a snowy day involves lots of concentration and power to caste
recipe image
Created by jswagger94
this spell requires full concentration and ability to scry. u will need either a stone (obsidian) or soda thats dark-dr. pepper ect.something dark and refection-like. this spell is used to see or find out info on a person...
Created by joeytheman2342
used to make target flinch
recipe image
Created by taytaygurl1441
to create or destroy wind
recipe image
Created by ninjascout900
this is what you do make a triangle put the blue on top light all of the candles
Created by AJHogwarts99
Ascardeam Fankorio is a spell that creates a whip of fire, water, rock,wind ,gas and lightning . You can practically do anything with it , from whipping someone to throwing Hogwarts in a lake .
Created by AJHogwarts99
Expodumn-Potromny is a spell that defends you from the most powerful spell which is Explodeath and instantly sends a force field around the caster that\\\'s invisible and protects you from litterly every thing but can only be used with the Comet 2 wand , Elder 1 wand , Pheonix 4 wand , and Xelpha 9 wand .
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