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All Advanced Spells

These spells are for advanced practitioners only. You should be well versed in spellcraft, wicca or at least had a few successful spells in your time.

Most spells will have little effect if cast incorrectly. However,a large portion of the spells listed here could have dire consequences if they are cast badly.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not to cast the spell then it is probably best that you don't. Do not attempt to cover up errors in magickal spells by casting another spell, be it white magick or balck magic.

Created by bluewitch68
A Spell to reveal the things you need seen! Not to be taken lightly! I have used this for closure on relationships.
Created by thejayfiles
this spell will change the image of some one and it can also change the thought pattern of someone maters on which line one use for the transformation
Created by Pixie904
This spell takes you wherever you wish to be, to find secrets. via Frater Malak
recipe image
Created by 034818
Transform\'s human to vampire for any vampire addict
recipe image
Created by Silverstream
this spell is used to heal major injuries
Created by shadowsxelite
Voodoo dolls ( Poppet ) are considered Black magic so be careful.
Created by shadowsxelite
DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO! Spend your life looking for your inner truth. Make the world a better place. Don\'t bring down your own world.
recipe image
Created by magic man
message me if it helps
Created by Edge0Distruction
Ghirideso is a thousand year old Storm spirit able to create powerful storms for his summoner! Warning: Only those who are lvl 10 and Above Ascendians are allowed to Summon him! the cause of death while summoning him will not be my fault!!! If Ghirideso doesn\'t kneel it\'s best to pray that he doesn\'t kill you cause spirit\'s like Ghirideso Eat Human souls
recipe image
Created by Phara0h
This is real non bullshit magic, you will summon wind if your concentration is throughout your whole body.
recipe image
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