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All Advanced Spells

These spells are for advanced practitioners only. You should be well versed in spellcraft, wicca or at least had a few successful spells in your time.

Most spells will have little effect if cast incorrectly. However,a large portion of the spells listed here could have dire consequences if they are cast badly.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not to cast the spell then it is probably best that you don't. Do not attempt to cover up errors in magickal spells by casting another spell, be it white magick or balck magic.

Created by Robin Stone
This is a powerful traditional cure spell for a friend in need.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
This is a powerful spell that can be used to heal.
recipe image
Created by shadowsxelite
Casting this spell will keep your from permanent harm for the rest of the day.
recipe image
Created by William
A spell used to summon the ancient dragon. For dracomancer experts only!
recipe image
Created by oORainstormOo
A Spell to summon a dragon
recipe image
Created by oORainstormOo
A Love Charm
recipe image
Created by Pillar0fCreation
for some who believe in many gods and goddesses please ask your self why would they answer my prayer or spell I\'m just one in one million, and tell your self this why not call on the immortal elements they are much more abundant than gods. So try that instead.
recipe image
Created by Pillar0fCreation
Many people fell like they have seen the place ware they are even though the have never even been to that place and even sometimes if the person has a great deal of spiritual power that they even saw things that come from the past even when they are not borne yet. This is a spell that can repeat that happening.
recipe image
Created by Pillar0fCreation
This spell creates random objects within your hands. with the help of a little bit of your soul you can create things within your wildest imagination. This spell also increases your charisma and self trust so don\'t be embarrassed to do this spell but though to be safe make sure no one is around to see you while your doing this spell though. ^_^
Created by bluewitch68
This spell is meant to bind an unknown advasaries powers when they are attacking you. You should never use this spell if you have another choice and can bind them easily. This spell calls upon some very powerful elements and I recomend trying other binding spells before using this spell.
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