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All Advanced Spells

These spells are for advanced practitioners only. You should be well versed in spellcraft, wicca or at least had a few successful spells in your time.

Most spells will have little effect if cast incorrectly. However,a large portion of the spells listed here could have dire consequences if they are cast badly.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not to cast the spell then it is probably best that you don't. Do not attempt to cover up errors in magickal spells by casting another spell, be it white magick or balck magic.

Created by shadowsxelite
This spell will help you to get rid of sentimental gifts without feeling guilty.
recipe image
Created by Robin Stone
This spell will help you gain luck with money.
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Created by Spell Finder
This is a powerful spell to be used when you are looking for a job.
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Created by Robin Stone
This spell will allow you to see more clearly in the sense of the physical realm and in the spiritual.
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Created by Spell Finder
This spell will help you to seek and scry. It can also be used for money and wealth.
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Created by Spell Finder
This is a white candle spell that can be used to bless yourself.
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Created by Spell Finder
This advanced spell can help you to gain prootection from the torment and slander others are directing towards you.
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell can be used to help a depressed friend.
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Created by William
This is a spell to enter the Chaos universe. Only the masters of chaos can control, or even SURVIVE the chaos universe. If you know that you are not a master of magic, or if you have never been in contact with Chaos beasts/creatures before, please DO NOT use this spell.
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Created by Spell Finder
Personally, I prefer to use stones to absorb people's energy before I give them a reading, so they are more relaxed and so I can get a better feel of their energy.

After so long of giving different people readings this way, the stones have become full of energies that are not my own.

This being so, I have taken time to develop a potion of simple house-hold components to remove these energies from the stones.
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