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All Ability Spells

Ability Spells are very easy to cast but the length of time that the spell will last for is generally quite short. It takes an experienced practitioner of the magickal arts to pull these spells off for any length of time.

These spells will sometimes appear to have failed. However, it is likely that the caster succeeded but for such a short time that no change was noticeable.

Created by Pixie904
This spell takes you wherever you wish to be, to find secrets. via Frater Malak
recipe image
Created by 034818
Transform\'s human to vampire for any vampire addict
recipe image
Created by Silverstream
this spell is used to heal major injuries
Created by RavenOracle
Ever feel like you are constantly making foolish decisions? Need a little boost for your job interview? Try this ancient spell.
recipe image
Created by demuriel
this make a invisible wall that not allow bad spirits or feelings enter on a place by some minutes .
Created by shadowsxelite
destroy every one who dares to get in your way
recipe image
Created by shadowsxelite
DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO! Spend your life looking for your inner truth. Make the world a better place. Don\'t bring down your own world.
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Created by RubyDee
Simple and Easy Chant to make your hair grow 2-3 times faster.
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Created by magic man
message me if it helps
Created by kelsey34`
To Preserve Your Youth!
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