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All Ability Spells

Ability Spells are very easy to cast but the length of time that the spell will last for is generally quite short. It takes an experienced practitioner of the magickal arts to pull these spells off for any length of time.

These spells will sometimes appear to have failed. However, it is likely that the caster succeeded but for such a short time that no change was noticeable.

Created by The Magi
Enchantment to make your gloves warmer
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Created by magicalwizards
it will make the other person bald
Created by kadenthewarlock
take control of your pets as if puppets with a blood pact.
Created by Witchboy123
This spell will help you when passing a exam or test
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Created by Pillar0fCreation
Many people fell like they have seen the place ware they are even though the have never even been to that place and even sometimes if the person has a great deal of spiritual power that they even saw things that come from the past even when they are not borne yet. This is a spell that can repeat that happening.
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Created by Pillar0fCreation
This spell creates random objects within your hands. with the help of a little bit of your soul you can create things within your wildest imagination. This spell also increases your charisma and self trust so don\'t be embarrassed to do this spell but though to be safe make sure no one is around to see you while your doing this spell though. ^_^
Created by redsnowdoll
Gaze at it for a few moments. Relax. Now recite this charm while gazing into the flame: \"Firey Spirits of action and change, Burn away my lazy ways, Light my will with your strong flames, Oh Firey Spirits of action and change.\" Close your eyes and visualize the flame before you. Take a slow, deep breaths while visualizing a stream of fire come from the candle flame and into your lungs. Breathe this firey energy in, see it expanding throughout your body, burning away all blocks and unhealthy energy. Take two more slow, deep breaths and visualize the same thing. After you have done that, recite the charm again: \"Firey Spirits of action and change, Burn away my lazy ways, Light my will with your strong flames, Oh Firey Spirits of action and change.\" Now visualize the actual candle flame floating toward you and entering into your stomach. See it burning there and then it expands to become a ball of fire. Say the charm once more: \"Firey Spirits of action and change, Burn away my lazy ways, Light my will with your strong flames, Oh Firey Spirits of action and change.\"
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Created by Devsjonny
Bring spirits for your own personal army
Created by thejayfiles
this spell will change the image of some one and it can also change the thought pattern of someone maters on which line one use for the transformation
Created by Pixie904
Renews strength, rejuvination. :D via \"The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty spells and rituals.\" by Frater Malak
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