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All Ability Spells

Ability Spells are very easy to cast but the length of time that the spell will last for is generally quite short. It takes an experienced practitioner of the magickal arts to pull these spells off for any length of time.

These spells will sometimes appear to have failed. However, it is likely that the caster succeeded but for such a short time that no change was noticeable.

Created by William
This is a spell to enter the Chaos universe. Only the masters of chaos can control, or even SURVIVE the chaos universe. If you know that you are not a master of magic, or if you have never been in contact with Chaos beasts/creatures before, please DO NOT use this spell.
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Created by Spell Finder
This spell will help you to summon energy into your body.
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Created by Robin Stone
This is a quick series of tips about energy in magick and how to put it into items.1
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Created by Spell Finder
This spell will help you to relax and draw energies into yourself.
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Created by Spell Finder
These spells are to be used to enhance your energies and aid you in casting your spells. Or, if you feel that your energies are running low, they will help you bring them back up to full power.
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Created by Spell Finder
Personally, I prefer to use stones to absorb people's energy before I give them a reading, so they are more relaxed and so I can get a better feel of their energy.

After so long of giving different people readings this way, the stones have become full of energies that are not my own.

This being so, I have taken time to develop a potion of simple house-hold components to remove these energies from the stones.
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Created by William
This ancient ritual has been used by all the strongest Chaos rulers, but also the very beginners of Chaos diciples. You will need one or more Chaos runes in most Chaos spells, but they can also be used for different things. (Very useful when summoning shadow beasts)
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Created by shadowsxelite
Do before a difficult spell to strengthen concentration and reduce chance of backfire.
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Created by oORainstormOo
The Underworld is the place of white and gray magic, home to all immortals. When you go here, the Underworld becomes a part of you.
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Created by HaKurama
So, you've got a yes/no question you want to ask... but you've either forgotten your pendulum or you can\'t get it out to use. Here is a simple way of overcoming this problem...
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