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All Ability Spells

Ability Spells are very easy to cast but the length of time that the spell will last for is generally quite short. It takes an experienced practitioner of the magickal arts to pull these spells off for any length of time.

These spells will sometimes appear to have failed. However, it is likely that the caster succeeded but for such a short time that no change was noticeable.

Created by Spell Finder
This spell should be used to cause someone with whom you have lost contact to contact you.

It is not manipulation so much as an astral call for contact when you have no other way to reach them that you know of.
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Created by Spell Finder
It is said that the call will come within 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days, depending on how well the spell was cast and how much will power was used.
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Created by Spell Finder
This handshake can be used to implant an idea into someone else's head.
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Created by Spell Finder
The December Full Moon is in Gemini, which rules communication. Use this time to examine how you communicate with others.
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Created by shadowsxelite
* A light blue or white candle * A piece of paper * A pen * Faith in the impossible
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Created by shadowsxelite
It takes practice try and try and try again don\'t ever give up my friend
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Created by shadowsxelite
This spell can help you to achieve good grades on your exams.
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Created by Robin Stone
This is a lovely spell allowing you to call upon your inner creativity.
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Created by Spell Finder
Dreams can be merely entertaining or intense and prophetic.

Many natural aids to dreaming can be found in the garden!
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Created by Spell Finder
This small chant will allow you to see your future in your dreams.
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