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All Ability Spells

Ability Spells are very easy to cast but the length of time that the spell will last for is generally quite short. It takes an experienced practitioner of the magickal arts to pull these spells off for any length of time.

These spells will sometimes appear to have failed. However, it is likely that the caster succeeded but for such a short time that no change was noticeable.

Created by jazzy654321
It binds you to the moon for protection and power.
recipe image
Created by F0770W3RofD3AT4
This is a spell used for beginners to magic, To bless a fluid that you drink for better sleep
Created by nys
Summon a spirit or entity to make pact with you. Be reasonable (if you can't buy a Lamborghini at $1, don't expect the conjured to attend to your whim at such an easy cost. Everything has its price.) with your deal. Remember, this is a PACT/CONTRACT,it is a two way communication. Both party will find common ground to agree with then close the deal.
Created by EndFadedLife
This is my spell. This is mt first spell on this site so hope it works for you
recipe image
Created by EndFadedLife
I made this spell also and it worked for one person so hope it works for you
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Created by blueeyes1971
Think of your bad habit & chant: \"Bad habits can sometimes hurt you that\'s just what they do so truly help me change it break my bad habit\"
Created by blueeyes1971
This spell has worked for me in the past to change red traffic lights to green. \"Red light stopping me on my way change/turn to green for me right away\"
Created by blueeyes1971
This will remove your headache.
Created by blueeyes1971
Will get someone to trust you
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