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Ascendian Descriptions

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Created by Edge0Distruction,

Spell Description

Ascendians are very powerful warriors As amazing as their powers is also their Looks! Ascendians deal with magical, Spiritual and Physical abilities. They are mostly Consist of men with a Specific Symbol In English are Called The Marks of the Moon For Example the Given is The Busarunga Mark Meaning The Mark of Energy these marks are only obtained by young Ascendians that are at age of 12 when their Celestial Alignments are one once more.

Spell Ingredients

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Spell Difficulty
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Spell Method

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Additional Tips

Warning Ascendians are Very Powerful Especially those who are entitled as Shamans! Cause Shamans are The only ones that can Control Powerful Spirits Like Ghirideso, Phaldreo and Validire but they always have a first Spirit when they are 12 and above manifesting in a pet!! Like Crusix


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