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7 Knob Money Spell

Created by QueenPandamonic,

Spell Description

A 7 knob candle spell designed to grant you 7 wishes for things you need or want.

Spell Ingredients

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Spell Difficulty
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Spell Method

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Additional Tips

If you cannot get a hold of a 7 knob candle, you can use a taper or pillar candle and with a knife create etched around the candle equal spaces apart to create seven distinct sections. Also never blow candles out in a candle spell. Only snuff candles out. You can do this with wet fingers if you're brave, a candle snuffer, or a shot glass. Money oils can be purchased or made. To make one combine powdered bayberry and oakmoss to sweet almond oil and add bits of gold leaf or foil. Or any 2-3 powdered herbs for money like chamomile and basil to a carrier oil like jojoba oil.


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