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13-9 19:15:00 G_7005 8)
12-9 1:01:38 strongwindmakerz hi
11-9 21:03:38 kerryb46 anybody on
10-9 0:43:18 strongwindmakerz =3
10-9 0:43:15 strongwindmakerz hi
8-9 22:08:15 kerryb46 hello
18-8 0:30:16 strongwindmakerz how do i cast for weather spells?
18-8 0:29:30 strongwindmakerz hello all im new to this
16-8 7:26:01 WitchyWilly I have a question about Spells from Harry Potter, are you really doing these spells from movies? But as a separate answer, I strongly believe that it can be done if we know exactly what the ingredient is! Or you can turn them into your own spells where you can make them work in your own way!
16-8 7:13:07 WitchyWilly First of all, I would like to say hi to you, I am new here on this site.
14-8 2:57:07 Papagena Mrobya that is a very specific spell I would write myself if I were you
13-8 23:20:10 Mroyba Hi all, looking for a spell to make a person leave (retire or stay out on disability). Person has been a trouble maker for all. Person already out of disability. I just want them to either retire or stay on disability never to return to the company again.
13-8 3:30:52 G_8364 How do I do this? (?)
10-8 11:42:20 G_5499 i cant idk why
10-8 11:42:03 G_5499 i rlly want to do spells but
10-8 11:41:38 G_5499 does anyone have advice
10-8 11:41:11 G_5499 hi
7-8 7:51:06 G_7880 hello
4-8 20:05:03 G_3962 any1 knows how to control weathers spells?
2-8 6:44:54 Papagena :_(
2-8 6:43:21 Papagena Can someone help me with spell pls
29-7 21:52:45 G_9673 what type of pain
29-7 21:52:26 G_9673 yes there r herbs for pain
29-7 17:26:57 G_8683 I'm new to this magic stuff. Is there a cure for pain
29-7 3:59:12 G_8665 Thank go «link» dalam
«link» untuk
«link» selalu
29-7 3:57:52 G_8665 Hello «link»
26-7 10:34:29 G_5113 une personne parle français ?
26-7 10:34:11 G_5113 please register
25-7 22:28:14 G_1858 how to register
23-7 6:37:04 G_3439 How do you register?
22-7 21:05:09 G_7545 hi
20-7 12:00:22 G_7686 hi
19-7 16:43:47 JoniJnm G_2671 has been banned
19-7 16:43:47 G_2671 qlq
19-7 16:43:47 G_2671 ql
19-7 16:43:45 G_2671 .
19-7 16:43:44 G_2671 Q?
19-7 16:43:42 G_2671 q.q
19-7 16:43:41 G_2671 I/mkkl.lyi.ll"?aa.qw w,w.w
11-7 1:08:36 G_4672 :)
11-7 1:08:28 G_4672 what kinda spells do u guys do?
10-7 23:12:53 G_6970 hello all =3
8-7 5:47:05 G_7299 For the record, Charles Manson is still alive so you would have a very hard time invoking him....
26-6 6:26:00 G_3525 I need help to invoke Charles Manson also I want to invite him into this doll I bought also looking invoke some other spirit for Ann the raggedy doll
25-6 14:33:09 G_2136 I've tried the contact page but it tells me to enter a valid email. And the "Robinstone" email that's listed sends the email back because of a server error. WTH
25-6 14:30:47 G_2136 Is this a scam? I've paid. How do I log in
25-6 3:36:56 Dizzy Hello
25-6 3:36:08 Dizzy Looking for summoning spell
16-6 21:21:12 G_5083 Can you undo a miscast go away spell can sombody tell me
15-6 13:23:38 Edward Need spells to gain hiegh grow fast please
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23:51-- G_6736: ur not going to hell that just a spell
23:56-- G_6736: do u see things and her voices?
22:05-- G_6627: anyone know how i can make my will stronger?
7:23-- G_9742: someone help i have schizophrenia can any spell cure this
23:55-- TrueBlue: anyone there?
6:02-- G_4004: but how
18:22-- G_5280: hi
1:29-- herweirdness: hi all
4:29-- TrueBlue: hi
3:18-- G_3427: Hosting terbaik go «link» then «link» off seo cepat «link»
20:34-- G_7746: Hello
19:19-- G_8130: hi
21:58-- TrueBlue: is there a spell that can cure schizophrenia?
18:47-- G_3701: hi
22:42-- G_3109: hi is any one there
21:51-- G_4464: Hi everyone in case anyone asked I found a really good pagan spell casting website that genuine its called BewitchingRealms.com . good luck

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